BUTZ + KLUG cited in online feature article by Jennifer Baum Lagdameo / Published by Dwell

BOSTON, MA (February 2017) - In an online feature entitled "10 Ideas for the minimalist Bathroom of your Dreams" (we are 2/10, #teakbathroom) authored by Jennifer Baum Lagdameo / Published by Dwell a B + K Bathroom is illustrated because of a reductive palate; 'white and teak', and because of the clever accommodation of storage that makes a minimalist bathroom possible.

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a component of a renovation in Brookline MA

Project Team:
        Pamela Butz, Jeff Klug, Heather Fagans, Myriam Migrditchian, Marc Roehrle

Project Dates: October 2003 - September 2007
Project Square Footage (Total): 3150 sq. ft.
Project Square Footage (Bath): 97 sq. ft.

Builder: Brite Builders Inc.

Photographs: Eric Roth Photography