This Preliminary Master planning study for the 'New Hancock Shaker Village' in Hancock Masachusetts,  done in collaboration with Architect T. Kelly Wilson, manifests the very relevant values of equality, pacifism, community, sustainability, responsible land stewardship, innovation, simplicity and quality in work embedded in the original Shaker Planning and Architecture in a contemporary community.  Envisioned as part of a larger ensemble including the Original Shaker Village, the new community will make these values legible, tangible and palpable in both its Planning and Architecture

The New Hancock Shaker Village is unique in its ability to fuse past, present and future and intends to become a central place in the lives of those who are interested in building better communities, preserving the best of the past and innovating for a better, principled future.
Ellen Spear
President and CEO of Hancock Shaker Village

Hancock Shaker Village - Hancock, MA
Master-planning Study


Project Design:
     Planning: Jeff Klug in collaboration with T. Kelly Wilson
Project Team: Jeff Klug, T. Kelly Wilson, Pamela Butz, Rob Hagan, Nicholas Waldman

Project Dates: 2008
Project Square Footage: 700 Acres

Photographs: BUTZ + KLUG